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  • Grzywacz, C. M, "Air quality monitoring", Storage of Natural History Collections: A Preventive Conservation Approach, Iowa City:

    Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, 1995

    This is a RAP publication

    pgs. 135-146

  • Hatchfield, Pamela B, "Pollutants in the Museum Environment: Practical Strategies for Problem Solving, Exhibition and Storage", London:

    Archetype Publications, 2010

    This is a RAP publication


  • Nazaroff, W. W, "Airborne Particles in Museums", Los Angeles:

    Getty Conservation Institute, 1993

    This is a RAP publication

  • Thomson, G, "The Museum Environment", Oxford:

    Butterworth-Heinemann, 1986

    This is a RAP publication

    Pgs. 130-164 and 244-264

  • Thickett, D, "Sealing of MDF to prevent corrosive emissions", The Conservator


    Vol. 22; pages 49-56