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  • Gascoigne, B, How to identify prints, New York:

    Thames and Hudson, 1986

    \"Tests\" at the back useful for print identification

  • Goldman, P., Looking at prints, drawings, and watercolours: a guide to technical terms, London:

    British Museum Publications in association with the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1988

  • Hunter, D, Papermaking: the history and technique of an ancient craft, New York:

    Dover, 1974

    Pgs. 170-202, 374-394, 428-452 Covers early and modern papermaking materials and techniques

  • Museum of Modern Art, "What is a print?"


    An interactive website demonstrating printmaking methods


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    Arts and Social Sciences Academic Press, 2010

  • Maurice Rickards, "Encycolpedia of Ephemera: A Guide to the Fragmentary Documents of Everyday Life for the Collector, Curator, and Historian", NY:

    Routledge, 2010

  • Fischer, Monique, "Creating Long-Lasting Inkjet Prints", Andover, MA:

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