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  • Pinniger, D, Pest Management in Museums, Archives, and Historic Houses, London:

    Archetype, 2010

    This is a RAP publication

    Great illustrations of museum pests and explanation of life cycles.

  • Ryan, V. M, Integrated Pest Management, Denver:

    University of Denver: Rocky Mountain Conservation Center, 1996

    This is a RAP publication

  • Sandwith and Stainton, The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping, London:

    Penguin Books/The National Trust, 1991

    This is a RAP publication

  • Selwitz, C. and S. Maekawa, Inert Gases in the Control of Museum Insect Pests, Los Angeles:

    Getty Conservation Institute, 1998

    This is a RAP publication

  • Strang, T, Museum Pest Management, Ottawa:

    Canadian Conservation Institute, 1992

    This is a RAP publication

  • Zycherman, L. A. and J. R. Schrock, eds., A Guide to Museum Pest Control, Washington, D.C.:

    Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and the Association of Systematics Collections, 1988

    This is a RAP publication

    Pgs. 53-81, 113-120, 135-150, 169-173.